Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tale of the Unloved Rebound

So that saga finally came to an end, well for the moment. Now I had to do what any other heartbroken girl does, get a rebound. This wouldn't be hard to do, I mean I'm quite easy on the eyes and there were plenty waiting for me to end that "relationship". I began to live the single life I was missing out know, going to social events, clubs, parties, etc... Then I met him. Mr. Rebound. He was good looking, well-mannered, quite the gentleman, and handsome. Let me just say, I'm a Leo. What a Leo woman wants, she gets. Period. Once we made eye contact that was all she wrote. He asked for my number after we danced, I gave it to him. He called the next day (uh oh). Well after "talking" for maybe a month he decided he wanted to be "my man." I let him...he was the rebound after all.  The only thing was I wasn't ready to love or even be committed for that matter. He fell in love fast and hard. I expected this...I mean, this is ME. Anyway, he "loved" me, I didn't love him, he suffocated me, I ducked for cover, he chased me, I ran. I sent this man on an emotional rollercoaster because I, myself, had just gotten off one and didn't know how else to handle a relationship. He cried, begged, and pleaded for the return of my love which my return was void. I never even gave the man any ass! I actually began to pity him. Smh... To make a long story (of me playing him unforgivably) short, the ex came calling and wanted me return, I called up Mr. Rebound and told him it was over. I was going back to my ex...

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