Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Quite The Fairytale...

And so it begins...

There he was...fine as ALL hell, "foreign", and above all, NEW.
I wanted him, I had to have him, he would be mine.
He was like"Jordans on a Saturday, I had to have [him] and could not wait..."
Needless to say, I got him. 
It was all so perfect, or so it seemed.  Time went on...
First came love (or was it really lust?!)...marriage didn't follow, but the baby did.
Now, at this point, I became aware that this was not the fairytale I imagined.
The "love" we had grew, but into something I didn't recognize.
We had that "I love you, I hate you, I hate that I love you" type love.
I was satisfied because it was love nonetheless.
That is, until it became toxic.
Love isn't supposed to make you feel miserable, depressed, UNLOVED...
broken, beaten, and worthless. Huh?! What was this?
This type of "love" went on for years (on and off)...
SEVEN to be exact.
Those years prepared me for everything to come...

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