Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Quite The Fairytale...The Sequel

Here I was again with my Prince Not So Charming. After him professing his undying love, promising me everything from the world to the heavens above, and of course begging...he had me back. I must admit he put a spell on me! I'm talking about this man had my heart wrapped around his finger and when he tugged he somehow, perhaps magically, had control of my whole being. So here we are, back like cooked crack, stronger than ever. Things were beautiful...for a while. Slowly, but surely, my Prince was turning back into a frog. He was far from ugly physically, but his actions made him something detestable. I found myself wondering how the hell I ended up back HERE again! I couldn't figure out why or where things went wrong. I don't know what, but something woke me up and all I knew was that I didn't deserve it. I mean, HELL, my Daddy treated me like 'The Little Princess'...wined and dined me, took me on trips, gave me my first experience of vacationing out of the country, spoiled me with gifts, told me I was beautiful, told me he loved me every day so I KNEW I deserved better! I wasn't about to go from being the Princess to being the misused, abused, sad, and lonely Cinderella...that shit was backwards! So, here we go happy ending.

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