Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm going to veer a little off the path with the whole fairytale theme...this just had to be done.

Many of you are familiar with Lauryn Hill's song "Ex-Factor"...and for those of you who are unfamiliar with it (and have obviously lived in a cave for the last decade) it's a beautiful ballad detailing the back and forth; on again, off again relationship with an ex. I love this song for so many reasons, the most obvious being that I can undoubtedly relate to every word of this song.

As you previously read I did the back and forth, break up just to make up thing (and to an extent you wouldn't believe) and I eventually learned that that activity is simply unhealthy. The constant emotional rollercoaster was so damaging to my spirit and my aura. Like Lauryn said, "...this is crazy." and I was beginning to really feel crazy. Every time I left or threatened to leave my dearest Prince Charming he would plead his case, or rather he'd charm his way back in and promise me the world and the false hope of becoming a new person. Ha! Who was he kidding?! Well, I guess he was kidding me, huh? I fell for it one too many times. I learned eventually (*whispers quick prayer thanking God*).

Moral of the story: Don't hold on to something that is damaging to your spirit. If you have to really put up a fight just for it to work, chances are it will never work. "It could all be so simple..."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me and the Fourty Thieves...

Thieves, yes, these men were thieves!  They were either trying to steal what was in my panties, my heart, or my time. And there were probably 40 or more of them! Ha! Being single again and not looking to settle down any time soon I became a serial dater. I don't think I can give an accurate count of how many men I was dating at one time, but they were all just "things" to pass the time away. I couldn't take any of them serious...I mean, there was one (hope he isn't reading this...if so, oh well.) who took me to a rather expensive restaurant and wanted to flex so he tells me order whatever I want [not knowing that I CAN EAT]...appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert...the works! The bill comes and this guy spent about a good 10 minutes trying to calculate everything in his head, claiming they messed something up, and mumbling until finally I asked him would he like for me to pay. That was a stab in his side. He immediately pulled out his wallet and paid the bill. I'm guessing he missed one, maybe two, bill payments that month all in the name of stunting. Clown.  To impress me you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on food! Be a gentleman, offer me intelligent conversation, make me laugh, and come up with something other than dinner & a movie for a date...that will impress me, a little. Another one I ran into had to be the most boring person on Earth. I mean this guy was so uninteresting and dull that I sat there and texted and bbm'd throughout the entire meal.  That was rude, but any type of manners I had went out the window with the bullshit he was talking about. Anyway, I thought I was doing as a single person should, but at the end of the dates I always felt like it was a waste of time.  I could have easily taken myself to dinner and the movies and had a better time. Something had to give.........