Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Now, don't start thinking this is a long story of making up and breaking up with Prince Not So Charming. That's not the case AT ALL. You will soon be introduced to most, not all, of the suitors and the few lovers who were never loved. Lord knows I got some stories to tell! I have ran into some court jesters, some noble men, and some downright douchebags! But the journey has been entertaining and, I can't lie, kinda fun. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Quite The Fairytale...The Sequel

Here I was again with my Prince Not So Charming. After him professing his undying love, promising me everything from the world to the heavens above, and of course begging...he had me back. I must admit he put a spell on me! I'm talking about this man had my heart wrapped around his finger and when he tugged he somehow, perhaps magically, had control of my whole being. So here we are, back like cooked crack, stronger than ever. Things were beautiful...for a while. Slowly, but surely, my Prince was turning back into a frog. He was far from ugly physically, but his actions made him something detestable. I found myself wondering how the hell I ended up back HERE again! I couldn't figure out why or where things went wrong. I don't know what, but something woke me up and all I knew was that I didn't deserve it. I mean, HELL, my Daddy treated me like 'The Little Princess'...wined and dined me, took me on trips, gave me my first experience of vacationing out of the country, spoiled me with gifts, told me I was beautiful, told me he loved me every day so I KNEW I deserved better! I wasn't about to go from being the Princess to being the misused, abused, sad, and lonely Cinderella...that shit was backwards! So, here we go again...no happy ending.

Portuguese Love Teena Marie Unplugged


"...you knew that you felt good to me, from the first kiss to
last, I'm trembling. You made love to me like no other man,
and if you please I'd like to go back there again...killing me
with kisses oh so tenderly...you make love like, you make
love FOREVER..."

To be a woman who has ever felt the emotion of those words
is to be a lucky woman.

Rick Ross - Play Your Part ft. Wale, Meek Mill & Chester French



Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Am Lion[ess] Hear Me Roar

Leo Compatibility Area

LEO goes with Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra (best match is Pisces).
Leos are true romantics and go to great lengths to passionately satisfy their mates. In love, Leos are very passionate and loving. Leos, being very passionate, must remember that judgment in romantic matters is not necessarily reliable, emotional involvement many times allows the heart to rule the head. Unless the head and heart are in unison, fate may teach a hard lesson to tolerate.

Best Match For Leo Is Aries
Aries has a fiery personality, and can be quite head strong. This can make them hard to match with other people, but also make them very passionate with some. Leo and Aries are perhaps the best of all matches, but if things go wrong and one betrays the other, it can get explosively ugly!

The Tale of the Unloved Rebound

So that saga finally came to an end, well for the moment. Now I had to do what any other heartbroken girl does, get a rebound. This wouldn't be hard to do, I mean I'm quite easy on the eyes and there were plenty waiting for me to end that "relationship". I began to live the single life I was missing out on...you know, going to social events, clubs, parties, etc... Then I met him. Mr. Rebound. He was good looking, well-mannered, quite the gentleman, and handsome. Let me just say, I'm a Leo. What a Leo woman wants, she gets. Period. Once we made eye contact that was all she wrote. He asked for my number after we danced, I gave it to him. He called the next day (uh oh). Well after "talking" for maybe a month he decided he wanted to be "my man." I let him...he was the rebound after all.  The only thing was I wasn't ready to love or even be committed for that matter. He fell in love fast and hard. I expected this...I mean, this is ME. Anyway, he "loved" me, I didn't love him, he suffocated me, I ducked for cover, he chased me, I ran. I sent this man on an emotional rollercoaster because I, myself, had just gotten off one and didn't know how else to handle a relationship. He cried, begged, and pleaded for the return of my love which my return was void. I never even gave the man any ass! I actually began to pity him. Smh... To make a long story (of me playing him unforgivably) short, the ex came calling and wanted me back...in return, I called up Mr. Rebound and told him it was over. I was going back to my ex...

Not Quite The Fairytale...

And so it begins...

There he was...fine as ALL hell, "foreign", and above all, NEW.
I wanted him, I had to have him, he would be mine.
He was like"Jordans on a Saturday, I had to have [him] and could not wait..."
Needless to say, I got him. 
It was all so perfect, or so it seemed.  Time went on...
First came love (or was it really lust?!)...marriage didn't follow, but the baby did.
Now, at this point, I became aware that this was not the fairytale I imagined.
The "love" we had grew, but into something I didn't recognize.
We had that "I love you, I hate you, I hate that I love you" type love.
I was satisfied because it was love nonetheless.
That is, until it became toxic.
Love isn't supposed to make you feel miserable, depressed, UNLOVED...
broken, beaten, and worthless. Huh?! What was this?
This type of "love" went on for years (on and off)...
SEVEN to be exact.
Those years prepared me for everything to come...

My Endless Love...

I could start off with a "Once Upon A Time" type scheme to go with this story of love...but that just wouldn't work. This has been a long time coming and I believe this was written before my conception so to start this series of stories off like that would be unjust. Upon sitting and reflecting on my love life and the one I loved and those I didn't, I decided this whirlwind of events needed to be chronicled. Alas, we have my story...stories...chronicles...what have you. We're all familiar with the typical "damsel" in the love story...there's always a damsel who happens to be in distress and needs to be "saved" by "Prince Charming". Ha! By definition a damsel is "a young unmarried woman or maiden" (that'd be me), however, I can't say I'm in distress...I'm actually doing pretty damn good (but maybe I could stand to be saved in a way). But anyway, let me not ramble on...let me entertain you...enjoy.