Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Endless Love...

I could start off with a "Once Upon A Time" type scheme to go with this story of love...but that just wouldn't work. This has been a long time coming and I believe this was written before my conception so to start this series of stories off like that would be unjust. Upon sitting and reflecting on my love life and the one I loved and those I didn't, I decided this whirlwind of events needed to be chronicled. Alas, we have my story...stories...chronicles...what have you. We're all familiar with the typical "damsel" in the love story...there's always a damsel who happens to be in distress and needs to be "saved" by "Prince Charming". Ha! By definition a damsel is "a young unmarried woman or maiden" (that'd be me), however, I can't say I'm in distress...I'm actually doing pretty damn good (but maybe I could stand to be saved in a way). But anyway, let me not ramble on...let me entertain you...enjoy.

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